Sunday, December 11, 2016

12 Trees @ Gardiner Museum

It is a 12 trees show in Gardiner Museum. The Toronto urban sketches group has an event here. I picked up the one piled up with books. When you get closer to the tree, it will speak. And other trees was made of men's shirts, The pattern is quite interesting. The trees are designed by different artists in different styles, very creative! 
The museum is located in a very convenient location near the subway. It's a small museum but very cozy and informative. You went to the second floor where they have different ceramics from different periods and different countries. 

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  1. Fenster-Ornamente, Store Gardine, speichert genau wie pro Größe. Gemacht durch Bestimmungen. Kauf schäbig und schnell im Internet. Geeignet für alle Fenster.