Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Robarts Library - University of Toronto

On October 30, TOUSK met at the University of Toronto Library called Robarts Library. We hoped to sketch outside since the building has a very interesting architectural structure. It is shaped like a turkey, or maybe a peacock, or is it a turtle... ; ) We all seemed to hear and see different things...
Nonetheless, the cold weather drove many of us inside where there was lots to sketch. 
Here are my 5x7" sketches, done in 6B pencil on 90lb watercolour paper. 
I didn't bring watercolour paint with me since I wasn't sure the library would be cool with it... so, I added paint to this one once I got home.
The students were so busy studying, they didn't notice me drawing them.  Also, I don't believe there is enough of a likeness to anyone to cause offence. 
 I liked the composition of this one below, so I left it alone.
 Practising a bit more perspective on this one. 
There were lots of new member there last week. Great to see so many more Urban Sketching Enthusiasts out there!! See you all next time.
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