Friday, April 22, 2016

Sketching at St. Jacob's Market, Waterloo

I became a member of KWUrbanSketchers group that organizes several events around Waterloo region over the year. On their recent event, at St.Jacobs Farmers' Market I was overwhelmed with beautiful weather.    It was a two hour long trip from Toronto to this wonderful rural location, where entrance of the market is ornamented with a Horse drawn wagon station. The sunny outside inspired me to do a watercolor sketch of the wagon placed beside a store. However, I was rushing at the end of this sketching, as an unexpected frozen rain pushed people to get inside the market. The interior space was packed with crowds. When you running short of time you can try a quick sketch on a toned paper. In the picture on the right, an effective technique was tried. Specially, when there are multiple sources of lighting, a toned surface helps us to set the mid-tone and local color.  I tried to capture the interior light. Overall, it was a wonderful experience with few other artists from Waterloo.

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