Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fall foliage at Evergreen Brickworks

It's been awhile since I joined TOUSK on a sketching event, but am I glad to be present at the beautiful Evergreen Brickworks today!

Fall foliage at the Evergreen Brickworks was in its early stage, but there were plenty of colours to look at. It was difficult to choose one scene to sketch, but I was captivated by the location of the meetup - right at the Weston Quarry Garden location.

After 2 hours of sketching / painting, the group gathered around to admire each other's work of art.

The artworks even attracted a pair of dragonflies :)

There were a few of us that stayed for the second half, and I got my chance to finish my own watercolour painting.

Here's my final painting of the Fall foliage at Evergreen Brickworks:

Thanks for organizing the event Oliver! It was great to meet everyone in person :)

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