Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sketching Trip to Niagara Falls

A couple of us went to Niagara Falls to sketch part of the city for a day. We took the Go train from Union Station, and two hours later, we were in Niagara Falls. It's an easy and stress-free way to get there.

When we got there, we met up with a local sketcher and went for a bite to eat in Clifton Hill before looking for some inspiration in the area.  We stayed a little bit in Clifton Hill for our first sketching session. This touristy area of town reminds me a bit of Las Vegas but geared towards families. There's a lot of visual stimulants. Then we took the WEGO bus to go see the Falls before heading to Niagara Whirlpool for our second sketching session.

There's a lot of things to sketch in Niagara Falls, we barely scratched the surface. There might be another trip to Niagara Falls in the future to explore more area. All in all, it was a fun experience on a perfect summer day.

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