Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Perfect day at Distillery District

After a relatively long hiatus from urban sketching, I spent a lovely afternoon at the Distillery District listening to live music and did a couple sketches.  The first one was a loose sketch on my watercolor moleskine, trying to capture Melody Fair - the group that was singing live.  The second one was a more detailed sketch of a cute little shop done on the watercolor postcard paper.

While sketching the cute little shop, I had a sudden feeling that I was in Europe - sketching on the streets filled with people, historic architecture, lovely art displays, and live music - It was the perfect day for me.


  1. Very nice brick color, beautiful..love urban sketching

  2. Thanks Veronica :) I think Distillery District is one of my favorite sketching location - everywhere you look, there's something interesting to sketch.