Saturday, March 8, 2014

RGD HeadStart Conference 2014

I decided to attend RGD's HeadStart Conference to get some constructive feedbacks on my portfolio and also learn more about the graphic design industry.  The event was located at the Toronto Reference Library, a truly magnificent building with a tremendous sense of space.  I'm ashamed to say that this was the first time I've been inside this library.

My first session was the portfolio review.  I was assigned to Team-K, which consists of professionals: Andy Edgecombe, Emily Fung, and Philip Yan.  While talking to Philip Yan, he introduced me to the practice of sketchnoting, which is sketching the notes instead of jotting down the notes. Curious, I decided to attempt at this practice by doing sketchnoting in both seminars after my portfolio review.

I don't know if I succeeded, but I had a ton of fun doing different fonts and drawing the panelists while listening to their sound advices.

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