Monday, July 1, 2013

Meet the correspondents : Wilfred Wong

Wilfred Wong  

My interest in urban sketching started 6 years ago when I decided seriously pursue my art. Outside of my studio practice, sketching allows me to hone my observational skills and secondly and more importantly, allows me to record a point in my life, however mundane; Looking back at old sketchbooks I could remember exactly what was going on at the time I drew a particular scene. My interest in urban scenes usually revolves around people. They infuse an urban scene with life and the nuance of capturing the human figure in motion is a challenge I like taking on. My present choice of medium is the Bic round stick medium point pen. Drawing in pen is a challenge because there’s no room for mistakes. No use of white out. The pen is an everyday object that I like using because it has the ability to render scenes with sensitivity and subtlety. It’s an on going challenge to learn what I could do with the pen.

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