Monday, July 1, 2013

Meet the Correspondent : Nora MacPhail

Nora MacPhail 

I love drawing! It is such a wonderful activity to have in one's life. It is highly challenging and always rewarding, no matter how it turns out. Living in the awesome city of Toronto, and being a city girl, I was naturally drawn to sketching cityscapes. They are so diverse, they allow a sense of playfulness to be added to every scene. I just try to let my pencil respond to what is in front of me, not worrying about the outcome. Then, I always add watercolour to my work to keep it fresh and bright. Whenever I'm looking for a subject in Toronto, I make sure I can add some people to the scene. Adding figures gives that extra bit of interest and colour. To be an Urban Sketcher, you just need paper and pen, and if you like, something for colour. It is an affordable, portable, available, immediate and highly satisfying challenge. Plus you meet great fellow sketchers and it's fun! 

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