Monday, July 1, 2013

Meet the Correspondent : Marie-Judith Jean-Louis

Marie-Judith Jean-Louis

Soon after moving to Toronto in 2013, one of my priorities was to start sketching the city as often as possible. After participating to my first Urban Sketching Symposium in Barcelona, I was hooked. Being new to the city at the time, urban sketching gave me an incentive to explore the city and meet creative peers. Toronto is a great city to sketch. There's so much happening and it has such a great variety of subjects to sketch, that I can't help but wanting to sketch more. For me sketching has also become a form of meditation. It enables me to be present. When I sketch on location, I become the observer. I get to take a step back, look at the world around me and find beauty and inspiration in the little things I would otherwise miss. As far as sketching mediums are concerned, I'm still exploring the various possibilities. I love the control of simple pen sketches and I'm also attracted to the vibrancy of watercolours. When I sketch, I like to not only look at what's around me, but to listen as well, which sometimes results into integrating bits of conversations to my sketches.  

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