Monday, July 1, 2013

Meet the Correspondent : Hasibush Shaheed

Hasibush Shaheed

When I was a student of architecture, sketching was the most useful tool to get ideas from the existing or old designs. Furthermore, it helps me a lot to conceptualize forms and spaces with graphite , ink or watercolor media. After moving to Canada, I planned to live near the vibrant Toronto City, so that I can explore the heritage of Downtown neighbourhoods. I also like to get inspiration from a variety of styles of all the sketchers in this group. Although I worked as a 3D illustrator, I always have a huge passion to improve my illustration skill through quick thumbnail sketching. Eventually that helped me a lot to produce a final digital rendition. No matter how digital this world is evolving into, I hope urban sketchers will always represent and preserve those glorious stories of the past with color and light.

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