Monday, July 1, 2013

Meet the Correspondents : Barbara Eguchi

Barbara Eguchi

My deep interests as a landscape artist and landscape architect are complementary to each other. Through art I openly explore our shared environment- earth. The many joyful and challenging experiences I have help in my continued emergence and growing awareness of life. Art provides a medium for me to observe, reflect and wonder and allows me to share my experiences with others. As a landscape architect and environmental planner, I enjoy creating cultural landscapes- beautiful and meaningful places for people to live- landscapes where they can find calm and delight in each moment. In my ‘professional’ capacity, I travel around the world designing many types of engaging environments. Sketching parts of city landscapes is a key component of my work. To balance that, I regularly practice drawing and painting ‘en plein air’ in and around Toronto where I reside. This ritual helps to ground me and the intimate engagement I experience through my art practice in the urban outdoors, reconfirms the gratitude, joy and peace I feel for having Toronto as my home.

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  1. WOW this is amazing Barbara!!! A correspondent for Toronto Urban Sketchers. What an amazing and growing group of people passionate about engaging with their environment with acute awareness while slowing down, observing, processing, feeling, understanding.

    And we are one spoke of a much larger global wheel....a true circle of creative folks in community, linked at the centre yet reaching out and supportive of the margins.

    Looking forward to your periodic blogging!!!