Urban Sketching Disappearing Landmarks in Toronto 

In the spring of 2015, members of the Toronto Urban Sketchers embarked in a fun little group project. Since Toronto is a fast growing city, there's a lot of construction going on year round to accommodate for the influx of people. As a result, many of the older and smaller buildings that make up the architectural history of the city are being sentenced to demolition. This inspired us to spend the summer looking for some of the remaining landmarks and capture their essence in our sketchbook before they disappear for ever. For example, we were able to capture Captain Jonh's restaurant boat a couple days before its final departure, and the cookbook store before its dismantling. Then at the end of the year, we put all the sketches together in a book called Urban Sketching Disappearing Landmarks in Toronto and self-published it on Amazon. You can now get your own copy here


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