Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sail-in Cinema

The 3rd annual Sail-in Cinema event occurred last week, and I was able to check it out and make some sketches.  The event features the world's first 2-sided floating movie experience - boats can sail in and drop anchor on one side, while people can sit by the lake on the other side.  Each night features a different classic movie, and "Ghostbusters" was playing on the night I attended.

Two-sided screen set atop a barge located at Sugar Beach @ 25 Dockside Drive, Toronto.

(On the left) The first 500 people received a complimentary Bum Box to seat on.  The Bum Box is made out of cardboard, and it has a flap that folds down for seating.  It's good for situations where you don't want to get your pants dirty from grass / dirt, but I have to admit it was not very comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time.

(On the right) My friend and I got there early, so we ordered some food to take out from the nearby restaurant - Against the Grain Urban Tavern.  I ordered the classic Burger and Fries combo, and it was quite delicious.  It also attracted a bunch of ants in our area!!  Whoops...

Since we got ourselves front row seats by the lake, it was rather hard to do sketches of people without being too obvious.  I am still not that comfortable drawing random people because I never know how they would react if they saw me sketching them.  I only managed to sneak in 4 sketches while waiting for the night to turn dark so the movie can start.

Overall, I really enjoyed the night.  Thank you Toronto Port Authority for putting on such an awesome event!

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